Successful Symposium on Systems Biology for Food, Feed, and Health


Successful Symposium on Systems Biology for Food, Feed, and Health

Tuesday, June 24th over 90 people participated in the Symposium Systems Biology for Food, Feed, and Health in Hotel Wageningsche Berg.


This symposium was organised by the Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology. Eight renowned scientists covered topics on different biological levels: from intracellular regulations via formation of cell tissue to the dynamic behaviour of ecosystems. The symposium was opened by Prof. Jaap Molenaar who presented the specific approach to Systems Biology at Wageningen University and closed by Prof. Vitor Martins Dos Santos who gave an overview about the development of the European Systems Biology infrastructure.  During the poster session students had the possibility to present their research.

WCSB symposium

  • Jaap Molenaar, Wageningen University
    The Wageningen approach to Systems Biology
  • Dolf Weijers, Wageningen University
    Genetic control of patterning and growth in plant embryo development
  • Marcel Janson, Wageningen University
    Self organisation of dynamic microtubule networks
  • Pauline Hogeweg, University of Utrecht
    Evolutionary Systems Biology: studying the interfaces between genome structure, regulatory networks, morphology and evolution
  • Johan van Leeuwen, Wageningen University
    Biomechanics of swimming in larval zebrafish
  • Frank Bruggeman, Vrije University Amsterdam
    Tracking single-cell responses one mRNA molecule at a time:application of RNA FISH to single yeast and human cells
  • Dick de Ridder, Wageningen University
    Redesigning biological sequences by learning from data
  • Wim van der Putten, NIOO, Wageningen University
    Scaling up systems biology by grafting community interactions into ecosystem processes
  • Vitor Martin dos Santos, Wageningen University
    ISBE- Infrastructure for Systems Biology in Europe

WCSB symposium


Participants listened critically and posed many questions to each speaker. The success of the meeting encourages us to organise this symposium again next year. Hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

Vitor Martins dos Santos, Jaap Molenaar, and Christian Fleck, Wageningen Centre for Systems Biology (WCSB)

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